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The Zaamurets (Orlik) was built in 1916 in Odessa.

Commissioned by the Russian Empire to fight in WWI, it was refitted with taller turrets and fire cotrol towers in 1917. Its original purpose was quickly negated by the October revolution and the collapse of Russia into civil war.
During this period the Zaamurets (renamed Lenin) was initially controlled by the Bolshiviks, before being captured by the Czech Legion (renaming the train as Orlik) who used thier trains to head eastwards along the Trans Siberian Railway.
Once the Czechs reached Vladivostok the train was temporarily transfered to the Japanese before being sold to the Chinese Warlord Zhang Zoulin (With the new name: Train No. 105 ). In 1931 it was captured by the Japanese backed Kwantung Army.

Kit provided with axles to fit O gauge or OO/HO track. Assembled carefully these can roll on track, but if used on a model railway they should be replaced with proper bogies.


Instruction Guide available here



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