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Vickers Carden-Loyd M1931 Light Amphibious tank A4E12

Armed with a single .303 Vickers machine gun and the ability to go places other tanks could not. This British design was exported to China, Thailand and the Netherlands for the KNIL in the east indies. Due to it's amphibious nature the tank was thinly armoured and had a very cramped crew compartment even by the standards of the 1930's.

China received around 30 tanks during the 1930's. A dozen tanks were purchased by provincial government, the KMT  purchased the other 16 which served in the army's 'Dragon Company'. The tanks survived the initial fighting and were still in service until at least 1942.

The Dutch KNIL received two tanks in time for the defence of Indonesia, and asked for their order of Vickers light tanks to be delivered along with a modified turret mounting twin colt-browning machine guns.

Records of Thailand's purchase order are hard to track down.

The concept of a light tank capable of wading across rivers and through marshland also drew interest from the Soviets, Japanese and Poles. The USSR and Japan purchased one example each with a licence to make their own, though only the Soviets really followed through, developing the design into the T-37 and T-38 amphibians. Poland had one example for trails, but decided on an indigenous design instead.

The propeller shroud rudder is supplied with option small rods for the control system. These require a steady hand and tweezers to attach. They can be left off, or replaced with paper clip wire for a sturdier model.

Multi part resin kit

VCL Amphibious Tank

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