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44M Tas

The Tas 44m was intended to be Hungary's home built panther, with 2 prototypes half built by the end of the war.

Speculative blueprints for the Tas and Tas Rohamloveg were drawn up in the 1980s based on recollections of the surviving project members and photographs of the original Tas mock up model. Because there were two potential options for the main gun, and the researchers based their size estimates on the smaller of the two gun, there has been a debate about the actual size of the vehicles.

These updated models use the more reasonable smaller size estimates, making it similar in size to the Panther tank. Our old kickstarter models used the less likely larger estimate - making the model larger than a King Tiger.



Crew hatches can be modelled open or closed.


Suitable for Hungarian forces.


Resin kit

Tas 44M (Prototype Tank)

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