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The Stalinetz S-65 Tractor was a Soviet agricutural tractor used by the soviet military to tow heavy artillery and as a tanks recovery vehicle.


Its simple design and high torque allowed it to tow almost any item in the soviet inventory, but it's slow speed led to the capture of many of them by german forces.

The S-65 and its American made predecesor, the Caterpillar Sixty, also served civilian roles, primarily as a farm tractor and constuction vehicle.

We offer a number of options; with or without crew or cab
You can chose to have only the Tractor, or have it towing a fore carriage, or towing a special version of the A-19/ML-20 artillery piece with the barrel in transport version with fore carriage.

Tractor, Crew and Forecarriage master by Bob Emmerson
A-19/ML-20 master by Rich Humble

Stalinets S-65 Tractor

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