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Soviet Motorcycle Combination Squad


Russian M-72 motorcycles with sidecars. The WWII Soviet Red Army usually used 3-5 motorcycle-sidecar combinations per squad, each with a driver and passenger, and often a third man riding pillion. They were occasionally deploy as a company or battalion, but often attached in smaller units to support the infantry as reconnaissance troops or dispatch riders.

The Dnepr M72 motorbike design was copied from the German BMW R-71. Continued to be produced by the Russians throughout the war, and the design was later sold to the Chinese, with variants
being produced up to the modern day.

This set has a random mix of summer and telogreika uniforms, optional heads. Plus a selection of LMGs, SMGs and Carbine Rifles.


Three Motorcycle-Sidecar Combinations

Suitable for Soviet forces


Multi part resin kit.


This model is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Soviet Motorcycle Sidecar Combination

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