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Canadian Skink turret

The 28mm version is designed to fit the Rubicon M4A1 (75) Sherman. For the 20mm version it can be fitted to most hulls.

The Skink was a Canadian prototype anti-aircraft tank, based on the Grizzly tank chassis, a close copy of the US M4A1. The prototype Skink did do some battlefield service at the end of WW2 as a live trial, though it was mostly firing against ground targets due to allied air superiority.

This is just the Turret, you'll have to get your own hull.

To make the most accurate 'Grizzly' hull from the Rubicon M4A1 (75) Sherman:

  • Use the Small hatch hull (as shown in the painted pictures above)
  • Use the Bolted Transmission housing (I accidentally used the cast version)
  • Use the T48 tracks for the CDP (the return rollers will be right, but the sprocket will be wrong)
  • Sand skirts can be scratch build or found in other kits


Turret hatches can be modelled open or closed


Suitable for Canadian forces.


Multipart kit.


This model is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Skink Turret

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