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Canon de 194 GPF Saint Chamond


French mobile artillery designed in the last years of WWI. The 194mm was a upscaled version of the 155mm GPF on a motorised tracked chassis, intended to use the remaining naval ammunition in that calibre. The Gun Chassis was propelled by 2 electric motors, but relied on a cable from a seperate Lead Vehicle which carried the ammunition and a 120 horsepower electrical generator.


Production began in 1918 with 50 of the 194mm armed vehicles completed by the end of 1919. Their impressive size made them perfect for propaganda films in 1939-40, but they saw limited action during the battle of France.

The guns continued in German and Italian service after the fall of France, designated 19.4cm Kanone 458(f) auf Selbstfahrrlafette or Cannone da 194/32. Several were used to bombard Leningrad during the siege, and others recaptured in Italy were used in a coastal defence role.

This kit can be modeled with stablisers up or down, by 1940 the French army often ashewed setting up the stabilisers in favour of quick setup and redeployment.

Model provided unpainted and unassembled, Lead Vehicle available seperately.

Saint Chamond 194mm GPF

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