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1/56 (28mm) Panzer 35(t) | LT vz. 35 | R-2


Czechoslovakian designed tank that saw service with many of the Axis powers. In its original Czechoslovakian service it was known as the LT vz. 35.


Germany used the tank to bolster their tank forces during the Battle of France and during the early phases of Operation Barbarossa. In 1942 Germany sold their remaining Panzer 35(t) stockpile to their allies.


In Romanian service the tank was known as the R-2. The first tanks had been purchased from Czechoslovakia before the war, and these were later bolstered with more purchased from the Germans. By 1944 they had become severely outdated and were retired for service, though some of the hulls were converted into the TACAM R-2 Tank hunter.


Bulgaria purchased 26 Panzer 35(t) from the Germans in 1940, and these remained in service into the 1950s


Suitable for German, Romanian, Czechoslovakian and Bulgarian forces.


Five part resin kit



Panzer 35(t)

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