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Laffly V15T with Battened Down Tilt


An iconic French vehicle due to its interesting wheel arrangement, the four road wheels are supplemented with four smaller wheels that prevent grounding and ditching.

The Laffly V15T was intended as a tow vehicle for light anti tank guns with plenty of stowage for ammunition. Due to its mobility it also filled in the recon role, which was supposed to be for the brother V15R that had limited production.

The V15 were the only vehicles in the series with 4 road wheels. The Laffly S15 and Laffly W15 were similar vehicles, but with an additional pair of road wheels for better towing capability.


The entire series of vehicles saw extensive service with the German Army after the Fall of France.


Multi part kit.


This model is supplied unassembled and unpainted

Laffly V15T Open

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