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Churchill Mk I/II


Early Churchill with options for the Mark I or Mark II.

These tanks were armed with a 2pdr gun in the turret, and either a 3" howitzer (MkI) or Machine Gun (MkII) in the hull. The hull gun plate is a separate piece, with the option turn the Mk I into a Mk II. These also have a 3mm depression in the back so they can be magnetised (magnets not provided).

The Mark I, with its 3" howitzer, remained in service up to the Gothic line (1944-45), mainly due to the lack of close support tanks in the Desert and Italian theatres . The Mark II was quickly replaced when 6pdr turrets became available.


Turret hatches can be modelled open or closed


Suitable for British forces.


Multi part kit.


This model is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Churchill Mk I/II

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