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20mm (1/72) 8 cm Raketen-Vielfachwerfer auf Somua MCL

Captured Somua MCL converted with into self-propelled artillery by Alfred Becker, combining Soviet and French technologies.

The French Somua MCL was a close cousin of the Somua MCG with a slightly different arrangement of the kegresse track system. Becker's workshop adding armoured plate to the chassis.

The rack of 8cm rockets mounted on the back was a German copy of the early Soviet BM-8
Kayusha rocket system which used smaller rockets with many more launch rails than later heavier rocket systems. This turned this halftrack into a capable armoured weapon of area bombardment.

The 8 cm Raketen-Vielfachwerfer system was also mounted on the armoured version of the Mauliter usualy fitted with the Panzerwerfer 42.

Suitable for German forces.


Multi part resin kit

20mm Raketenwerfer auf Somua MCL

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