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1/56 (28mm) 15 cm sFH13/1 (Sf) auf Geschuetzwagen Lorraine Schlepper (f) with the optional gun barrel for the 10.5 cm leFH18 (Sf) auf Geschützwagen Lorraine Schlepper (f)

A German conversion of captured French Lorraine 37 tractors, mounting a 15cm heavy howitzer in an armoured super structure. The set also contains an optional 10.5cm gun barrel for the later variant mounting a lighter howitzer.

Made in the workshops of Alfred Becker, both versions saw service with the 21. Panzer Division.

The 15cm version was analogous to the Grille or Bison, begining service in North Africa and later fought in the Normandy campaign.

The 10.5cm version was analogous to the Wespe, serving in the Normandy campaign.


Suitable for German forces.

Four part resin kit

15cm Lorraine Schlepper (Grille)

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